Inmates at least in CA get way too many privileges. In fact they get a lot more than a lot of working citizens who have no violent criminal history. It's disgusting!
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What privileges do inmates get? I'm very interested in hearing more about this.
Depending on his race, he may get killed in prison. But not always. I have absolutely no sympathy for garbage like this.
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So racist violence is perfectly fine sometimes. Would you say that's a fair restatement?
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Inmates and privileges- i'm talking about level 4 inmates. People who have done horrible, despicable acts that you can't even imagine. The newspaper does not print these details or pictures. It's impossible to understand how a human being can act like this to another human being.
I'm not talking about taking care of their general health but the abuse of the system. Inmates use the medical system to take field trips, get needles, meds, to communicate with other inmates, etc. Just medically, they get unlimited priority drs appointments with specialists, redundant testing, meds (so they can sell them later), specialists- all free of charge even tho they have money on their books. Even sex changes, organ transplants, etc. Then there's dental- crowns, dentures, bridges, etc. There are a lot of honest people who cant obtain these services but if you are a rapist, murder, pedophile, you are set. It's not right!
Then there's tv, movies, workout equipment (free weights were finally removed but there are still other equipment), yoga, recreational classes, arts and crafts, board games, musical instruments, music, and lots lots more. It's hardly hard time.
The level 4 prison here goes thru their annual medical budget in 2 months. That's how out of control it is.
In level 1- they literally have free range. Last time I was at the prison, there were 3 inmates sitting by the front door. I'm surprised more dont walk away.
Racist violence? That's not what I said. A fair restatement? No I wouldnt. Prison yards are self segregated by race. There isnt a lot of interaction because it's all about self preservation. Some races take care of their own business (running off pedophiles, assaulting them and occasionally if something happened, attempted murder or murder- not every attack is meant to kill) and wont tolerate pedophiles. Other races do not care because it's a numbers game. Pedophiles have the option of going to the sny yard (special needs) which is full of pedophiles, rapist, homosexuals, and even gang members that have debriefed (tho they hate being on this yard, they cant be in general population once they debrief) but for whatever reason, not all do right away.
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not understanding how homosexual is comparable to pedophile, rapist, or gang member.

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