Why do laundromats here close so early? 9 PM is ridiculously early.
Why does pretty much every street here get completely flooded the moment it snows making it a challenge to find where to step when crossing the street?
Why does a simple holiday (not even a federal holiday) essentially bring public transportation to a halt here?
OMG the number of times I daydream about getting my ass fired just so I can move back to NY is going to lead me to sabotage myself sooner or later.
Originally Posted by Saria

That is early. I mean I live in the suburbs and I think laundromats are open til 10 or 11.

And seriously, I know you love *****ing about Boston - I mean there was no hope in you *actually* liking it bc you complain about it so dang much - but you do realize that no other city is open all night like NYC, right? Even if it is a 'city'. NYC is in a class by itself. I thought everyone knew that. Otherwise, people wouldn't make such a big deal about it being NYC. No?

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