Hey ladies,

Just some random thoughts running through my head. I've had my hair cut by Deva-trained stylists a few times, and because they are generally used to styling hair in wash n go's, and not protective styles, they are always advising me to wet my chronically dry hair daily to increase my moisture levels. I normally just see it as them not having enough experience or knowledge about my texture, and shrug it aside. However today I watched a couple of videos from Anthony Dickey from Hair Rules, and he says the same thing (essentially don't go more than 2-3 days without wetting your hair, that using a spray bottle isn't sufficient, and that this is the best way to prevent heat damage in the event that you do decide to blowdry- not that I use heat), and I am wondering if there is any truth to this.

Do any of you tighter/kinkier haired ladies wet your hair several times a week? And how does this work? I DEFINITELY could not go through my post-wash regimen more than once a week: bear in mind I can't do constant wash n go's on my hair as it would be knot city. I rarely even wash my hair loose anymore. I'm wondering if twisting and then wetting/cowashing the twists often would be a feasible option (I often keep twists in for 2/3 weeks at a time, and cowash once or twice within that time without any real tangling issues). Also has there been any improvement in moisture level since starting to do this, compared to a time where you didn't wet your hair often?

I split my time between 2 completely different climates, and the last few weeks in the tail-end of UK winter has wreaked havoc on my hair, I can't help wondering if there is more I could be doing to increase my moisture levels apart from weekly DC's, and moisturising daily (avj/water spritz, followed by a cream moisturiser, followed by a sealant, no glycerin, protein introduced regularly but in a controlled manner, i.e. I am careful not to use it in too many products- and I've also tried the loc method without much improvement) which still leaves me with ridiculously brittle hair.

Any thoughts are most welcome.

Products in current rotation:

Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash; Elucence MBC (now really just for cowashing, leg shaving or emergencies); Curl Junkie: Repair Me, Deep Fix, Curl Rehab; AOHSR (retiring); Oyin Handmade: Honey Hemp, Hair Dew, J&B; Qhemet Biologics: BRBC (retiring- prefer Oyin HD), AOHC, OHHB; Jojoba Oil for scalp; Castor Oil or Shea butter to seal; Henna & Ayurvedic pastes when I can be bothered.

Still searching for the perfect stylers, but loving CJ CIAB over everything so far