Oh wow, I found a topic by Tiffany from Live Curly, Live Free about protein and I think I might even have fine hair!

She asks the following question based on her observations in beauty school:
If you have coarse hair, does protein badly dry you out; if you have fine hair, do humectants and emollients give you limp, heavy, greasy hair
Topic can be found here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...rue-false.html

If I truly had coarse hair, all the protein in Curl Queen should dry out my hair (but it doesn't) and if I have fine hair, it will become limp and heavy and perhaps even greasy when I used emollients. I find that when I co-wash with my emollient bomb conditioner, it does become limp and heavy.

This is quite a shock to me because I was convinced I had coarse hair and even the idea of having medium hair was already quite shocking.

Does anyone else with fine hair experience the same when using emollients?
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