This reminds me of the wavy impostor thread in the 2 section. I love that thread.

A lot of people do best with styling products to bring out the look that they want in their hair. My hair looks worse without styling products too. When I just use leave in conditioner, my hair doesn't clump as well and I get frizz. It might also depend on how you've treated it in the past. I use to never condition, so my hair was constantly dry and frizztastic. Also, heat damage can make it flatter too. The more I used conditioner to moisturize and avoided heat, the more my hair became healthy and held it's curl pattern better. Another thing that can make hair seem less curly is if you hair is all about the same length because it can weigh itself down. Layers really help curls pop up better.

That said, if your curl pattern doesn't really tighten up, it can be nice to have wavy hair or hair that's kind of in-between based on the season. Like, wavy hair isn't some poofy, annoying conciliation prize for not having bouncier ringlets. It isn't curly hair that's missed the mark. Wavy hair is lovely in it's own right. I have 2b/c hair, and at first I really disliked that it wasn't curly. I did a ton of curl enhancing things to try to bump it up to the 3 level. But now, I find that it's much easier to style and better suited to me to just wear it without as much manipulation. A lot of people come here trying to make their curl pattern more 3-like, and sometimes it's just tons easier to be happy with a looser pattern.
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