I used an Ayurvedic hair growth oil for a while that worked great for me -- it was Bramhi oil, made by Banyan Botanicals. It came mixed in coconut oil. I used it on my scalp every morning and night and I think it really helped my hair get past the BSL hump! (Not using it now because I'm pregnant and my doctor cautioned me to be careful about using herbal formulas of any kind. But I do think it worked great while i used it!) They also make a Bringaraj oil that's supposed to be good for hair growth -- might be worth investigating.
3b, fine, medium density, normal porosity
Wash: Deva No Poo, sometime Phytojoba, Avalon lemon when needs clarifying
Rinse-out: Deva One Condition, CJ Beauticurls Strengthening, Phytojoba (kinda heavy for my hair but good noisture)
Leave-in: Phytokeratine, CCCCL
Styling: Deva Coconut Supercream or their Wave Maker with a little CS over the top