My hair is 3a and starting to become a little more 3b as it grows. It's fine and moderately porous and hates glycerin but loves aloe.

1. Co-wash with Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily - Rake it in and gently scrub my scalp, then flip over and comb through with my Denman brush (ice queen method). I comb it all upside down, but because it's a weird length, I then section off the bottom part and comb it back down (hard to explain - top half of my hair is hanging upside down, while the bottom half is combed flat against my neck). This prevents the bottom of my hair from getting caught up with the rest at the back of my head and being weird and matted. Super important to make sure that no hair is caught between up and down or it'll get matted and gross!

Then I let it sit for a minute or two, gently flipping my head right-side up so the hair isn't in my face - I don't get a ton of part control with this, but the volume makes up for it.

2. Rinse (usually at regular temperature) and add in my RO - lately I'm using Garnier Sleek and Shine (it's CG and has good slip). I scrunch it in upside down for the seaweed feeling (watching out for the pieces that I sectioned out, which I scrunch in the other direction - I find that they tend to stay separated on their own when I flip back upside down, so I just make sure I don't catch them up with the other hair) and let it sit for as long as it takes me to do everything else in the shower (shave, wash up).

3. Cold/cool water rinse upside down - I let the water soak into my hair until it's completely saturated and the curls are clumping

4. I use the Suave as a leave-in as well, but sometimes I switch it up with my RO. I gently scrunch a nickel sized amount in upside down (after reading this thread, I think I'm going to start sticking my head back under the water for more clumping because by the time I add my gel the curls are starting to separate from being manhandled too much )

5. I scrunch in a small amount of my product (less is more for my hair), usually AG Re:Coil or KCCC or TiGi mousse. I usually only use one because my hair gets too weighed down if I mix.

6. I add my gel to set, BRHG - this is the best way for me to get second day hair, it never fails and my hair loves it. I've never found another gel that makes my hair as soft and clumpy and scrunches out so easily, or that gives me second day. I add that in upside down as well, hopefully with my hair still as wet as possible (again, I think adding more water is a great idea - I find super soaker doesn't work so well for me just practically at the sink, so sticking my head back under the water might work!)

I also sometimes do the scrunch method where I scrunch the same section gently seven or eight times - I'm not sure if this is doing anything for me but I give it a try!

7. I plop with a cotton long-sleeved t-shirt - microfiber towels suck out too much moisture for me and my hair gets some halo frizz. I leave that for five to ten minutes while I dry off and get dressed. Air drying actually makes my hair look the best, but drip-dry is not the wisest idea during a midwest winter!

I've experimented with brushing in product , but usually once I brush in my initial conditioner the curls are already forming, and I use the scrunching in of all the other products to encourage them to set. I especially never, ever comb in KCCC - that stuff is like glue in my hair and once it gets going there's no rearranging it!

For second day hair, I use the BRHG and I sleep on a satin pillowcase - my best second day hair is when I sleep with a satin sleep cap, but for vanity reasons I don't use it anymore lol

I also LOVE apple cider vinegar rinses - I try to do one fewer than twice a month, but when I live at school we have super hard water and my hair always feels coated with gunk and ACV is the only thing that makes it better.

Hair type: Fine, fairly porous, shoulder length when curly. Probably a 3a or 3b with tight ringlets now that it's getting longer. Hair loves aloe, hates glycerin.

Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily (my HG conditioner!)
Rinse Out: Garnier Sleek and Shine, Trevor Sorbie curl conditioner (UK only, unfortunately)
Stylers: KCCC, AG Re:coil, TIGI mousse, but open to suggestions!
Gels: BRHG (my one and only)

CG since 03/28/09