Yes to everything you just said In Asia (India and parts of the Orient), what you're describing (in part) involves "colorism" IMO (for those who don't know the def.: assigning value of personage contingent on the relative darkness and lightness of skin). My opinion is that much of racially prejudiced thinking in those regions (and other non-Euro areas) is often a direct result of European Colonization (long term dominance and control of those regions). I certainly can attest that West Indian cultures tend to have this issue (my mother has racist thinking, and I've had to work on my own attitude because of it).

At the same time, I don't think it's fair to lay all the blame at the feet of Europeans. Racism/colorism IMO, is just one form of xenophobia; one more form of clannish behavior and no one is w/out blame. There are so many other forms. I don't think it takes European influence for anyone of any bent to act from a prejudice or superior attitude. Prejudice IMO is at least partially driven by a primal need to survive rather than be dominated over, even if the belief is that one must dominate in order to survive among others. We are pack animals. Like wolves, we want to fit in, we want to belong, we want to have the security of saying that our pack is the mightiest, immune from shame or harm. To accomplish that, we must find a "them" to focus on - a pack who is seemingly weaker than our pack. When I notice myself thinking or acting from prejudice, I try and ask myself what I'm feeling insecure about - what's missing in me that I need to try and position myself as a "better" person than "him" or "them"?

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