If you have to ask us if this is right, then you know you have thought it may be wrong. I agree with what others have said. On the other hand though, my boyfriend and I have a 10 year difference and things are great. We have been together for 3 years and I don't complain.

Normally, I would agree that age doesn't matter, but what the other ladies have said does sound reasonable... Do what you feel is right. Get your friends to meet the guy. Sometimes other people can tell you right away if this guy is a creep or not. When I met my boyfriend I didn't ask anyone if our age difference is going to be a problem. We simply talked about it, discussed our life goals.

Do you have a strong feeling that he is the one? Or are you simply flattered that a man has paid attention to you? (I don't mean this as an insult, but sometimes the idea of someone liking us is enough reason to consider a relationship.)

ADD: a lot of people also told me that I should be careful because of the age difference, however, those who knew my boyfriend and were friends with both of us were totally for it!
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