I'm going to come out of "left field" with this answer--and it's only my opinion. If your hair is truly low porosity, your rinse out is your least important product. Unless you take a LONG shower, a minute, or two, on low porosity hair isn't going to do a lot.

I get my hair cut every six weeks. It only tangles if I use an ingredient it HATES (castor and mineral oil do it.) The fact that you want something with "slip to detangle" makes me question whether or not your hair is low porosity.

Frequently, I use product that I want to get rid of as my rinse out. If it's a richer styling product, it works well for that purpose. The only product(s) that gave me a problem were the SM with the orange label. They just sit on my hair (even after I rinse them out) and weigh it down. I've had to use soap bars to get the residual ingredients out.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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