you said you haven't been in a real relationship in 6're 25.

ummmmm not to be mean,'ve pretty much never been in a serious relationship then.

Unless you were in a "serious" relationship in high school...and those don't count.

so no.

four kids, then you'd have five, or if you wanted two..6! ack!
No. You're 25! what the heck does he want with a 25 year old, I don't care how mature you are, you should be mature enough to question that.

Like someone said above if you were 43, and he was 58...makes more sense. In your 20's?? No.

eta: my freshman year roommate dated an older guy (like he was 35, she was 19).....No. Run. Run like the wind.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
I was going to marry my high school boyfriend but 3 years into the relationship and after he proposed I found out that he was hiding a baby that he had with a girl from his church . I broke off the engagement and have not spoken to him since.
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