i was the good girl that he intoduced to the family. she was the party chick that he could have sex with whenever he wanted. she got pregnant an i found out about the kid 3 mos after he was born. then to make it worse there was a pic of the baby at his mom's house with the name "Jr" on it. but it didnt dawn on me that it was his kid until after i found out he had a baby.
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The family knew?!?!? That's dirty!
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That IS dirt!!!

I agree with the others, I'd run far and fast.

I also can't help but notice that in the OP, you said "how do I know if he wants more children?" (and I seriously mean this in the nicest possible way) but if you aren't mature enough to just come out and ASK HIM a question like that when he is being straightforward with YOU and putting HIS expectations on the table, then I don't think you are in a place to be in a relationship with someone of that age and life experience, either.
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