Hi everyone! This is my very first post!

I've read thru so much information here and wanted to thank all of you who freely share your routines and help those of us who are new.

This is going to be a long post--so I apologize in advance--I'm hoping to find a curly haired twin that can help me find my HG. My hair properties are in my signature. Celebrity hair twin--depending on the hold of the styling product I'd say Shakira (gels give me 3A) or Taylor Swift (cremes and lighter hold products give me 2C waves)--but my hair is a less fine and I have more of it but I get those same "s" waves.

I've been straightening my hair for quite some time, even had the entire routine down pat. One day, when I wasn't paying enough attention, I clamped my finger in the straightening iron (ouch!). Needless to say my finger burned and blistered, but it got me to thinking what am I doing to my hair???? So I decided to try the CG method. I wore my hair curly for years and I always got tons of compliments--but this is back in the 90's.

I started out with Karastasse products. Those always worked great for my straight hair, so I thought I'd try the curly hair products. They make my hair incredibly soft, but there is no styling product in the line up so my curls are just kind of so-so. I've now read they have silicone, so I went off to find different products that are CG approved.

Then once I read the CG book and info here I bought the entire DevaCurl line up, including the blow dryer, mitts, etc. I figured I'd go all in and make sure I had everything I needed for success. I like these products for about a week. I've read that these product contain a lot of protein? If that's the case, it explains why my hair feels like straw after I use them. My hair hates protein of any kind and always has! I worked for a hair salon where protein treatments were always suggested to customers--they combined oil and Keratin, applied to hair, covered with a plastic cap under a dryer for 30 mins. People raved about how it made there hair feel soft and glorious. It made mine feel like straw.

So then I read one of the blogs from someone here. I co-washed with Suave Coconut, Bioterra Condish, used KCKT as a leave in then Suave Captivating Curls Mousse-- super soaker, plop, etc. It worked great for bouncy, clumpy curls, but after a week or two it builds up in my hair and my hair droops and looks very product-y. I must have missed the part about it having a silicone, so I washed my hair with a sulfate shampoo and decided to look for CG approved products with no silicone.

So then I tried the entire Curl Junkie line up. I like both the no poo and low poo. Conditions are great and make my hair feel silky--like the hair I had whjen I was 20! Yay! The BeautiCurls Leave in is just so-so. Pattern Pusha is great for promoting clumps and 3A curls--but even with lots of water I cannot SOTC and second day hair is kind of stringy and very dry. The Pattern Pusha also leaves my hair very dry. So then I used all of the same, but the CIAB as a styling product. I do love CIAB but would like to find something with slightly more hold. I've tried using a lot and a little of this product but the end result is leaving me wishing for something with a bit more oopmh as far as hold.

I also bought a different hair dryer and a bowl diffuser. It doesn't dry my roots as well as the Deva Diffuser but it also doesn't give my curls a weird pattern--kind of bent in places, instead of a true S wave all the way down the hair shaft. Plopping also has this effect on my hair.

So then I read that KCCC is the number one product at Curl Mart and I decide to give that a try--yes, the entire line. The shampoo seems to strip my hair. I think the KCKT is perfect--probably the best leave in I've tried so far. The KCCC is a lot like the CJ Pattern Pusha--it's a bit too crunchy (yes, I am applying to soaking wet hair) and it really dries out my hair and makes for stringy, tangled second day hair.

So what should I try next? I think at this point I am happy with the Curl Junkie Gentle Cleansing (low poo) and Daily Fix (no poo) as well as the KCKT leave in. I just need a styling product. I am almost thinking gels are just to stiff for me. I read some good things about Curl Keeper and I wonder if it has a hold that is slightly stronger than CIAB? Has anyone tried both of those products?

Or maybe there is a creme or mousse someone can suggest?

And if you read all they way thru here: Thanks for reading. I would be super grateful for you help and recommendations.

Edited to add: Once I find my HG I am going to have one heck of a destash!!!
2C and 3A. Fine to Medium texture/Low Porosity/Medium Elasticity/MediumDensity. Looking for my HG products!