That Aubrey Organics honeysuckle rose conditioner is absolutely the most disgusting-smelling, did-absolutely-nothing-for-my-hair, conditioner I have ever used! I bought it based on recommendations here, but realized the formula changed last year, and the good recs were for the old formula!

Kinky Curly Knot Today is AWESOME for detangling, and I use it as a leave-in sometimes. For RO, I like Yes to Cucumbers or GVP Conditioning Balm.

My hair doesn't have the same props as you, but those are good ones I've found. HTH.
2C/ Coarse/ Normal porosity/ SW Florida/ Salt & Pepper
Cleanse: AIA cowash, TJ Tea Tree Condish
Condish: JC Too Shea, Tresemme Botanique
Stylers: flax/okra gel or KCCC + CJ PP or JC Spiralicious
Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!