This has worked wonders for me! I've gone through bottles/jars of over the counter PT and they just don't work the same as this homemade combination. In my siggy, I have the best staple PT I have ever tried.

The mayo brand I use is Best Foods only because we use it in our house. But from my experience it doesn't matter what brand, as a long as it says "Real Mayonnaise" and NOT Reduced fat or the salad dressing type-like Miracle Whip.

I do a PT once every 2-3 weeks with a conditioning cap. I would suggest more often if you color treat your hair or use heat tools. Not sure if you are protein sensitive but just be careful of that. Hair is protein afterall and you don't want to overdue it. HTH
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Hey pinkwolf thanx for reply.
I have heat damage that im recovering long have u been using this for? Do you add anything else to do you rinse it out
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You're welcome I have been using this for years now, but I recently ran into this Mayo PT in my siggy which I've been doing for months now with fab results. I follow the recipe to a "T"! It is amazing and I have noticed the overall health of my hair getting much better and stronger. The mayonnaise treatment will restore moisture and vitality to your strands. Give it a try I am sure you will like it.

what does mayo do? i heard it strips the hair.
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Mayonnaise contains eggs and oil, which add shine, body and strength to your hair, leaving it silky soft. My mother used mayo on my hair ever since I was a child without any problems however I was relaxed at that time so my hair needed the mayo treatment more often (relaxer strips protein from the hair).

I believe the reason people say that it strips the hair is because they are using it too frequently or are protein sensitive.
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PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment
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