Quit brushing my hair a year or 2 ago. I was CG for years in terms of no cones, no shampoo, no blow dryer, but I thought I didn't have time to finger detangle. I continued to (dry) brush my hair with my Denman to get the knots out before getting into the shower and co-washing (I had a deepseated belief that hair shouldn't be brushed wet, too). I don't remember why I finally started finger detangling. Maybe it was when my hair was falling out and I wanted to minimise that. Or maybe I couldn't find my brush

I had chronic split ends for over 20 years, even straight after a trim. Lately, I have none, even though all I trim is SSKs. None (except for a rare couple of splits today from some non-brush related damage that won't be repeated).

My hair finally got down to my waist this January, when it never used to grow past my armpits.
Tresemme Naturals Radiant Care is my boring but trustworthy fallback
Acid rinse (Dr Bronner's Shikakai) stripped my over-a-year-old indigo, and gave me split ends I haven't had since I gave up brushing
Hair analysis done - surprisingly, I'm normal on all 3 counts
Trying to balance babying my hair with my newfound PJism. Melbourne curly, CG since 2006

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