I will gladly take any destash, lol!

No, seriously, though....I think what you've done HAS helped you find a few good products that work for you.

Since you were happy with your hair when using the Suave mousse product, (however that particular one has cones), maybe try some other mousses? I LOVE mousse, but have been experimenting with all sorts of jellies and gels. Always go back to the mousse. There is a recent thread about them in the general discussion area. I like the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted mousse best- but it does dry crunchy if you use too much. The Condition 321 (or 123, lol) has less hold (for me) but no crunch.

It depends what you're looking for. I prefer definition AND volume, and mousse does that for me. How differnt things work on MY hair: Curl creams give definition, but no volume. Gels give definition but too much crunch (I hate crunch!). Jellies- I'm still just not sure about them- they seem to give good clumping, but then they just fall throughout the day. Still experimenting with them.

I just ordered some "Mudd" from etsy, Botticelli Botanicals (one of the members here ). It's an all natural product made from ochra of all things. Lots of people here swear by home-made flax seed gel, and this supposedly works like it, but better. We shall see!

I am in the constant search for products that give great hold, BUT not too much crunch!
Good luck!
Originally Posted by chloe92us
Thank you, chloe92us. Back in the 90's I had the hair that everyone wanted....lol. I worked in a hair salon and so many customers were getting perms and asking for their hair to look just like mine. I tried to think back on what I used then and it was mousse--so my hair really does respond better to a foamy-er type product. I'm going to try the HE Totally Twisted Mousse you mentioned.

I like lots and lots of volume, with some clumping but not too much as more clumping makes my hair less voluminous. Like you, I want a good hold but not so much crunch--or at least crunch that can be scrunched out. It seems like we are looking for the same thing as out hair reacts the same way to gels and mousses.

The Suave Captivating Curls makes my hair kind of dull--so I am looking for volume, some hold, crunch-free, shiny and frizz free. I am not sure such a product exists but I aim to find it!

I think I'll try mousses first, no cremes, no gels based on your recommendations. Gels might work better for me in the summer when the dewpoints are higher--we'll see.

I've heard great things about the homemade flax seed gel, but honestly I just don't have time to make it. I'd rather buy it. Was Botticelli Botanicals the one that had a flaxseed product that a lot of members like? Seems like I had that in my notes somewhere.

I'm gonna have to do a destash as I have no more room, for all of these hair products. Plus I am pretty certain my daughter thinks I need a "hair products hoarder intervention"....lol.
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