You can't just read reviews and buy products. Even if you have a hair twin here, you still can't do that. Every time you try a product you need to look at the ingredients. If a product makes your hair dry look at the up on them and try to think of which one could be the culprit. Any time you try something new you should be mentally keeping track of their differences and similarities. Don't go out and by the entire line of something. It's expensive and unnecessary.

My suggestion would actually be to go through your stash again, use things and try to figure out what your hair likes and doesn't like. For $2500 the least you should come away with is better knowledge of what your hair likes.
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Yep, I realize that I can't go off what works for others as so many things come into play--hair properties, dewpoints, etc--but at least it's a starting point. My best products and techniques come from reading what others are doing and doing something similar and making a few changes here and there. I am realy so thankful for everyone sharing their techniques and products that work for them.

Take the super soaker method, for example. It does work great, but it's messy and because there's soooo much water in my low porosity hair it takes forever to dry--like more than 6 hours. I find it better to follow her method, but instead of leaning over a sink and cupping water I wet a hairbrush and brush it through my hair a certain way to make a sold sheet of hair. Then I use a microfiber towel wrap it in my hand and squeeze the extra water out at a 90 degree angle to the floor--which keeps the clumps in place. If I want waves I let it dry like that. If I want more curls I scrunch the towel in an upwards motion. This works better for me and takes much, much less time to dry.

Anyway, I'm going to go thru my stash and get rid of the stuff that definitely doesn't work, making notes of ingredients that are the culprit to dry, stringy hair--for me anyway. Hopefully I will be able to find a HG product that make me love my curls.
2C and 3A. Fine to Medium texture/Low Porosity/Medium Elasticity/MediumDensity. Looking for my HG products!