At the same time I bought the mineral oil I also bought the fast grow Coconut Oil (or whatever Palmers calls it)--of course I then read it has protein and I'm afraid to try it so for now it's in the donate bin. I'm terrible about returning stuff.
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I'm not sure about "fast grow Coconut Oil" or that particular product, but if you get extra virgin coconut oil there is no protein. It's just the oil. It's been removed. I like Nutiva's coconut oil or trader Joe's. Both work well for me and I'm protein sensitive.

As for returning stuff, I see this a lot with people who don't like to return things for some reason. Some just don't care but plenty of people I know are intimidated. The store managers and employees honestly don't care and they'll let you return most things. Oftentimes I'll purchase something, decide I don't like it after a use or some reflection, and just bring it back. The other day my friend spilled something on her brand new top from H&M and was afraid to go exchange it. I'm all, "I'll do it." So I went in, said "Can I get another of these and do an equal exchange?" No questions asked. And if you think about it we both give that store so much business on a regular basis and have done so for years. Because they're good to us in the returns department I think we'll be frequenting it more often. Sorry, off on a tangent. But please go return that oil if you can. You've spent $2500 so far. You're entitled to some money back.
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