instead of asking: "Is anyone else's hair only curly when styling products are added?" the question should really be "is anyones hair really truly pin straight without styling product and/or heat appliances and chemical straighteners added?"

then we would get to the real state of affairs. If everyone else's hair was so perfectly and effortlessly straight as is implied, then where is the need for curling irons, perms, flat irons etc? I think almost everyones hair has some bend to it if left in it totally 100% natural state. We are probably all curlies to some degree. Even people who have lovely shiny glossy silky straight hair usually give it a helping hand to have it look that way. There is no stigma attached to them for their efforts to keep their hair 'neat and tidy' with these chemicals, sprays and smoothers and appliances but there seems to be a double standard that curlies are only curlies if they do nothing to their hair and that it should be curl perfection right out of bed. My question is, are straighties really straight right out of bed themselves? No they are not, plenty of round brushes and blow dryers and curling irons, flat irons putting a drain on the electrical grid every single morning not to mention the serums, sprays and other gook they use to give the impression that their hair is "naturally straight". I beg to differ, so what are a few styling products in comparison, for curlies to manage their hair? Most of us don't use high heat and tortuous tools to manage our hair. We are virtUous in comparison to the damage inflicted by the straighties...

JMO, happy days everyone.
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