I wanted to color my hair myself this time, I had always gone to get it professionally done in the past and have only gotton hi-lights not my full head. Anyways, I'm not too sure what hair coloring product I should get. I do want a permanent color and for it to be ammonia free.

I know loreal, revlon, clairol all have no ammonia products but i have no info on how good they work.

I been researching shea moisture hair color system seen a few reviews on it and I may try it BUT i wanted info or ideas about any other product I could check out.

Also has anyone made the their own concoction with the lemon juice (i think that's what is used) to lighten hair color & how did it turn out?

s/n: my hair is dark brown, almost black with the last remains of my hi-lights that were red but now are some brownish color

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