Because I have fine hair, the gel made it super-clump in a lovely way, but then I scrunched softly to make the curls a little "fatter" so I didn't look like I just had super-defined ropes. My fine hair can form like, eight super-curls and leave me looking really funny if I don't keep it softer and a bit less rigidly defined.

Good luck with the routine today! I'm curious to hear what happens. I'm getting my first dry curly cut tomorrow and I'm really excited to see the results.
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I swear we have the same hair--8 super defined ropes of hair sound very familiar! This is exactly what I mean by too clumpy and this is what gel does to me if I use too much. All clumps and no volume either.

I just bought and olive oil treatment but since your hair doesn't really like that, maybe I'll get some of the raw coconut your hair likes. I swear I just had my hand on it the other day, about to put it in my cart, then didn't. Drats! I'll buy it this weekend.

Good luck with your dry, curly hair cut tomorrow. Is it possible to get before and after photos while you are sitting in the stylists chair????? You know, for your friends here on the forum and all.
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