Lucky you, kathymack! I've always used some type of hair product. Actually, I'm not even sure what my hair looks like if I don't use it (frizz more than likely)..... Now that I've been lurking on nc.com I am obsessed with hair products. I mean, really...I might have to start hiding my stash or else my family might actually think I have some kind of a problem....YIKES! I haven't gotten to the point that I stop another curly in the street to ask what she is using though.

I have no idea what the science is, but switching products always gives me better hair. I wonder if it's possible to find a few different HG products. Hmmmm....
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It wasn't luck, I didn't know any better!

It's easy to become obsessive when you first start on nc.com. You want to try everything that's discussed. Eventually, you become more discriminating--when you learn what your hair likes.

Don't worry, you'll find lots of products that you like. Gets to the point that you feel really fickle for switching your loyalties. It's really easy to become a product strumpet!
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