I think "coarse" is a difficult term; people (not just CGirls) tend to call dry hair "coarse" regardless of its width, since coarse describes many different textures to different people. So fine hair can feel very coarse to the touch (coarse meaning rough), especially if it is both dry and very porous. So try to go by the width of individual strands (it looks finer in the photo to me, in the bangs around your face), instead of how it feels to the touch. Thinner = fine, very thick = coarse, middle = well, the middle. Mine was just so easy to figure out once I looked at it, because it's so fine, especially compared to other people's hair. So check out a friend's hair, too, compared to yours.

I call them elastics, but people in California call them hair bands or rubber bands or hair ties. It's a regional difference in English; I grew up near Canada.

You have pretty hair, by the way!
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