w_s I was all ready to post a happy gif that you're alive and back, but then I read your post and I'm so sorry. {{{w_s}}}
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Thank you, Saria. I am totally going to post happy stuff sometimes and not go MIA forever! Catching up is quite an undertaking when I do that.

And thank you, Starmie. The interment did go well. We weren't late and nothing went wrong with the ceremony, which was quite short. That didn't stop Taps from stabbing me in the heart when they played it, which actually sort of surprised me because I just associate Taps with nighttime on a girl scout campground. We always sang it when the sun set.

They put my grandpa on the highest row of the wall (the guy who opened it said he had a "penthouse view") and where he is, there's a little planter making a wide enough distance between his wall and the next that it won't cast a shadow on his niche. If he decides to visit his ashes there, he'll always have full noonday sun and a beautiful view of the city.

Grandma says she is going to get four tiny urns so more of us can have parts of him with us. I am so glad - I hadn't felt I could ask for this when they were separating his ashes. She mistook my "Oh, thank you" for "No, thank you" when she said it and responded with, "Oh, you don't want it?" so I said, "Oh, I do, I do" as strongly as I could while fighting back tears. Yeah, I think she got it. Also, those tears scoffed at my attempts to fight them back.

Dad looks good. He's plugged into an external pace maker and should be getting the internal one tomorrow.
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(((((cailin))))) I'm so sorry.

what is wrong with some people?
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OMFG the boy who said the rapists did what anyone would do in their place. LOCK THAT MFER UP HE HAS JUST DECLARED INTENT TO RAPE ANY UNCONSCIOUS WOMAN IN HIS PRESENCE WTF.

I still love even simple cream of wheat.
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Mmmmmmmm, cream of wheat. Why is it not in my house, whyyyyyyyy?!?!

I am re-watching Nikita, and my god, this scene is just gold, hilarious gold. Watch the second link first for a better understanding. You don't have to watch the show to laugh at it.

Nikita 2x01 - Michael, Birkhoff & Amanda - YouTube

Nikita 2x01 - Game Change - Birkhoff saves Michael & Nikita - YouTube
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Hee! Oh, Nikita, you are fabulous. "Aw, nerd! You missed us!" I started watching late in the series and haven't even seen all of those episodes so seeing this tells me I need to go back and marathon what I missed at some point.

Heh, eche, I had to catch up on over 50 pages this last time. I am a hardcore thread misser.

Annabananaliese. WHAT is in your sig line?! What is the context of this madness??

...It's a siggie.