Hi Well, as I've posted before, I'm a thirteen year old girl who wants to go natural. At first I wanted to transition, but decided to just big chop after I got out of school in May. That would give me about 3 1/2 months of new growth, but my mom just made my get a relaxer before we came to Chicago. On the thirteen our ride, I just kept my hair wrapped from when I got it done. Well I started to unwrap my hair. On the side where my left temple is my hair was stuck due to the scab from the relaxer. I did get it unstuck, but my scalp is all red in that area. I hope there isn't any permanent damage. I told my mom, " I would rather cut all of my hair off before I ever get a relaxer again. She said, "ok" but I don't think it was genuine. When she saw the red scalp she said " Are you about to die. Mine has been like that too." It just baffles me that my mom exposes her scalp to that stuff and won't allow me to stop doing the same. Could someone give my some tips to try to prove to my mom the harmful effects of relaxer. Also, maybe give me some tips to convince my mom to let me big chop, but I think my scalp should be enough convincing . If I big chop, how long should I transition to get an appropriate amount of new growth? I was thinking about 3 months. What are some good products and hairstyles for a 13 year old? Just comment about anything you think is important information. Thanks.