I am disgusted to see that thread locked. I remember a very similar thread a few years back about whether your first time hurt, and I found it very reassuring to read such an open discussion on the topic. It showed me a far more healthy attitude toward sex than the one I was presented IRL. I still haven't had my first time but threads like that one and others have been instrumental in teaching me stuff like how to discuss things openly with your partner and know when you're really ready, not to mention making details like how and why it sometimes hurts less taboo and thus less mysterious and scary.

That thread was clearly marked "adult," so properly supervised 12-year-olds would not end up in there anyway, and honestly, teens aren't even a large enough portion of Non-Hair to act like this board is frequented by children. Locking that thread says, "Sex is so dirty the very subject is tainted. Good girls don't ask questions or speak up about their fears. If you want to hear something more comforting than 'IT WILL HURT LIKE HELLFIRE AND YOU'LL GET AIDS AND DIE' then find it somewhere else." NC.com used to be a place where such disturbing messages weren't the only ones being sent. Not anymore, I guess.
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a very good point! When I was twelve, my parents sat with me when I went on the internet and knew I was active on nc.com! (and anyway, I was too much of a goody-two-shoes scaredy cat to ever click on threads marked adult) so honestly, if kids have parents that aren't monitoring their internet usage, they'll find this stuff out eventually, and probably get incorrect/harmful information.
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