do you make your costumes yourself?

if so... wow!

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THANK YOU!!!!! You flatter me really

I tweak my costumes, but most of them are not made.

Angels Take Manhattan Amy Pond is all bought, but the jacket was hand dyed by me

Ginny was all bought, but the sweater was dyed to match the original sweater

Amy Pond from Time of Angels is all bought, all screen accurate

Rita Skeeter is consignment shop bought and modified, the color and sleeves and sewed, the wig hand styled

Merida: The dress was custom made by a friend, but all my accessories, which aren't pictured are handmade except for my bow. I will be posting picture of the complete outfit next week

I have always wanted to, but sadly I'm more of a closet nerd. :P Lol but I must say I love your Merida, you look just like the character. Awesome job on that one. And I love your hair, btw.
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Thank you! Yeah, I'm far from a closet nerd. I pretty much have come way out thanks to awesome friends. And thanks! My hair is very tempermental lately and pretty much frizzs like crazy with the slight touch so trying to fix that, but not for merida