Kathy: I have heard you speak out against polyquats enough so that I have consulted the wording in my product stash, and almost everything has polyquats! My Biotera Gel does not nor does it has glycerin - which I suspect is a no no for my hair. All the mousses have polyquats - and the one that seems to work best, Deva, has polyquaternium 60, which means what? but that is the highest number I have ever seen. That mousse works best with the Biotera gel. I have yet to find a go-to conditioner, which would also match what you said a bout coarse low porousity hair..which is also supposed to avoid protein...I think you can see why it is miracle that I have hair left, that it has not fallen out from all this hair anxiety (a new psychiatric diagnosis which I have just now invented); or, that I have not pulled it all out, and there IS a legitimate diagnosis term for that - anyhow, I would be glad to have your thoughts.