Thanks for the tips CurlyIndianGirl and Claudine19!

Update: well it dried more evenly than it looked it would but there was still a discernible difference to the trained eye. (By that I mean the obsessive compulsive curl counting eye.) Oh well. It looked decent and I had no qualms about wearing it out.

What I did was I started out tilting my head to the left and drying it that way, then tilting my head to the right. (Is that what you meant, Claudine?) For that I could see myself in the mirror. In case you're wondering I looked a weird mix of bored and anxious. Then I remembered I'm supposed to be doing what HouseofCurls does so I tossed my head down and went to town that way. The idea there was more volume. I wanted big sexy hair but a controlled big since the big I get naturally is not so sexy. However, I was surprised to not see a very significant difference in volume. Then again, my hair is thick so it has a lot of volume just by default even when I let it airdry. Maybe if I'd diffused it dry all the way. . . Next time. I was very tepid this time. Only holding the diffuser up for like 15 seconds each section. How long do you hold yours then? Oh, actually the frizz wasn't so bad. I just smoothed it down with some curl & style milk later. And then my hair smelled nice so. . .

I've actually got some shorter layers that I'm anxiously waiting to grow out. They add a really nice shape and my hair curls more uniformly since getting them but they're hard to distribute product on evenly. Oftentimes I won't be able to tell until my hair is completely dry whether or not I missed the mark or not. I've just got so much hair.

Nevertheless, I plan to master this diffusing thing. Keep the tips coming if you have them.
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