There is a user here named Mellie I think who shaved her head. She's 2C. I'd keep an eye out for her and shoot her a PM. I had a pixie cut but there were still several inches to work with. It was farily curly. To style it I'd just use product and scrunch around the crown. I think when you're a 2C/3A your hair can either get really curly when it's short or straighter with a slight wave. It depends. My hair gets curlier when it's shorter because there's less weight on it but a lot of wavy curlies find their hair needs length in order for the pattern to reveal itself.

If you want your hair to grow faster so you'll have more to work with faster you can try castor oil on the scalp. It works for some.

I commend you on shaving your head to fight cancer. You're an awesome person! I lost my favorite uncles to cancer and they both had such beautiful hair for middle aged men. It was awful watching them lose it so I really appreciate the show of solidarity.
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