Dusa, if I remember correctly, you dont use a gel or other on your hair...do you just use the smoothie, then? and how much? I would love to try this product but it keeps scaring me...
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Yes well my hair seems to reject most gels because of their drying ingredients. And personally I hate crunch and the wet look so I just don't do well with them in general. So my main finishing products right now are KCCC and FSG which are gellies and CJPP which is a soft hold, pleasantly light gel. I did do a day with just the smoothie and I got very pretty 2C hair so it doesn't have enough hold on its own. I use about two quarters' worth as a leave in on soaking wet hair. Sounds like a lot but my hair is very porous and since it's more creamy it's harder to distribute than say KCKT as a leave in. If the other girls who are low porosity say it isn't working for them though I guess I'd tread carefully. I think it's my high porosity that just plain soaks the product up. Or you know what? Why don't you go buy it from Target or Walgreens and just try it? If it doesn't work, then bring it right back into the store. But at least you'd know. I know I get so curious I can't resist a lot of the time.
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