Terribly sorry. When your small child is found walking down a road, alone, you're getting a visit whether you want one or not.
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Um, yeah.

Being with my almost 2 yo nephew makes me love and appreciate the child-rearing capabilities of television. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is magic, people.

From now on I'm going to assume that parents of small children who don't own televisions either have children with very easy personalities or are pathologically masochistic. THERE IS NO OTHER EXPLANATION!
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LOL...My sister and I were talking yesterday about how she feels mommy guilt for letting her son watch t.v. while she gets stuff done. I, on the other hand was like this:

Sometimes, I need to get stuff done. Like cleaning out my son's room. Holy crap, he had a lot of stuff. I don't think I've ever emptied out his toy box. Now I have a bunch of stuff to donate to the thrift shop!
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