Y'all I hate college but I hate that people that aren't in college assume you have it easy.

My mom just tried to compare not being able to go the airport to pick up my cousin because she has to work. Okay But you also get weekends off at your job.
I won't even see him for the month he's in the US. I haven't seen him in....11 years. hah.

I have class from 9am -5 and 6, five days a week. WITH WORK. And then I work on the weekends. AND HOMEWORK AND STUDYING. And people be like, why don't you go out. YOU GO OUT. You have fun. You have no job, you don't care about your classes, do you.

The other weekend I was home 10 hours out of the friday saturday and sunday that I worked. 10 HOURS. Not to mention we're not allowed to sit down at my job.

It may seem like I sit around on here alot or am lazy but only because when I can actually sit down I refuse to move. I refuse.

Time management is a b*tch.

omg I just realized I have to go back to work and I just home at 9 this morning. Kill me