Now i just have to look at a yogurt and feel migrainey and bad tempered..whic sucks because I freakin love yogurt! If I wasn't allergic it would be yogurt alllll day long
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my sister does okay with goat and sheep milk products. she buys goat's milk yogurt and adds whatever she likes to it. and i'm going out to the Farmer's Market today to get her some sheep milk cheese curds at a place called The Cheese Poet.

if she eats too much of that, she does get headaches, but it has to be a LOT of it over several days in a row - and she'll be 50 this year.
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It's super individual. It also depends on if you are lactose intolerant or allergic.

Sheep and goat milk have lactose, nearly as much as cow's milk, but some people do better with them. I ate some goat's milk cheddar last month, just to try it out. Had a pretty severe reaction.

But I can eat aged Gouda, cheddar, etc., of any kind. From what I understand, I just need to look at the sugar content. It needs to be zero. That means all the lactose has been aged out of it and it's okay for me to eat. So far my experiments with this have gone well.