That was in fact was I was doing in JPN.

There are quite a few programmes I know of that don't require EFL certification.

JET requires a uni degree in any area, but it can get super competitive depending on where in the US you are applying from. EG NYC/DC/Seattle too can be a bit harder.

There is INTERAC which is also in JPN.

However, there is a French programme which I don't know all the details about but I have a few friends who have been on that so I can get more info in you need it.

Another one is in Korea, EPIK, I think.

None of these require EFL/ESL training.

All the programmes I have listed have great reviews. Especially JET.

Living abroad is great, I would go back to Japan again but I would ask to be in a bigger city. Most of my friends who have been on the French programme were placed in the countryside, and they all loved it.
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