I'm one of those strange people out there, that has straight hair when I do not style it. It could be considered stick straight except my lower layer on the left side flips out sometimes. In fact, the majority of my friends and family think I have straight hair.

Normal school days, I just wash my hair at night, and let it air dry, sleep on it. I don't have to worry about getting up in the morning and styling and taking forever to get to class. But if I have time on the weekends, I love to style my hair, because it is a complete 180. 3a curls with some silly 3c springs that pop out around my crown (those I actually have all time, and they look silly sticking out when my hair is straight ).
CG since December '09
loo-poo: Kiss My Face Everywhere Shampoo
cowash: Suave Naturals, CJ DF
rinse out: TN
leave-in: CJHBLI, CJSL, SMRC
stylers: (rotating) CJAF, CCCC, SMCS, Ecostyler, KMFUM

love oils, avocado and castor oil are my favorite

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