My best friend has such pin-straight hair she literally can wash it and go, and it's long. It will dry perfectly straight. While I think straight hair day in and day out would be boring for me, I am endlessly jealous of how easy her hair is to do.
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Well in all honesty I do know one person like this who is Asian. Not that that matters because she's got a sister with wavy hair. But she definitely fits the stereotype of pin straight Asian hair. Actually when we were talking about the differences between straight hair and curly she told me she positively has to shampoo her hair everyday because of the amount of oil her scalp produces. Also she brushes her hair often and keeps a travel sized one in her purse. It's got me wondering about this slight flip at her ends I see sometimes and what would happen if she didn't brush so much.

Oh, and if you want your hair to dry wavy and not puffy, have you tried raking your products in and letting dry that way? Or raking them in and scrunching once to maybe jump start the wave, then smoothing down? Also my second and third day hair is usually 2C wavy (how I wake up) and I just switch it back to 3A curly. But I reserve the option not to do so. For variety!
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