Thanks for the help ladies. Bellacoco, your hair looks very healthy for someone who diffuses so often. I think I'll try smoothing some extra oil on my ends to protect them. Also I'm going to try 30 seconds per section.

flippacious, which blowdryer do you have and how cool is it? It would be awesome if my blowdryer had a no heat option. Right now it's just "cool" and "warm" I think. So I kept it on cool. It wasn't singing my scalp or my ear, but it was warm right away. Made me a little worried about leaving it there for any length of time. When oh when will they invent a blow dryer that actually does blow out cool and only cool air? Well, my hair has the tendency to get dry on me already even with my babying it so I'll keep on the lookout. I add extra leave in every morning anyways to protect it. I think I'll know for sure when my hair gets wet whether or not it's taken a beating.
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