I have felt really bad for a few days with a cold and ran a fever yesterday and today. My son's cough has gotten worse instead of better as he recovers from the flu. Off to the doctor we went. DS has sinus infection; cough is from head drainage only THANK HEAVENS! I was afraid he had bronchitis. Nope, lungs are clear. We both tested negative for flu and strep.

My turn: I am "not moving enough air". Doctor asked if someone could come pick my son up. WTF? "In case a breathing treatment here doesn't help tremendously, you are going to the hospital in an ambulance." The nebulizer treatment did the trick and I got to come home with lots of new, exciting drugs. How can I have pneumonia??? I asked the doctor and he said he was certain by the sounds of my lungs but I could go to the ER and get a chest xray to confirm if I wanted. Um no. Either way, it's the same antibiotic to treat the sinus infection in my head and the pneumonia in my lungs. I haven't been coughing as much as I normally do with pneumonia so I had no clue. Dammit.

No wonder I feel like ****ing ****.