So/So: Ology Conditioner. It smells awesome. It says pear and I think cucumber but it smells like strawberry cream ! It might work as a leave in. It gave me nice plump moisturized twists when I detangled my hair before washing it. Unfortunately it does not have that much slip in the shower. The slip is a little less than Tresemme Naturals. It is thicker than Tresemme.

Hit: Detangling my hair with fresh aloe vera that I bought and blended up. Super slippery, tangles just melted away. Only $2~

All the pieces of pulp in my hair that took forever to pick out. Next time I'll strain the gel.

L'oreal Ever Sleek Conditioner

Rough at detangling in the shower. I used the entire bottle in one go....11 oz.....for $6~ It might be ok for a deep condition though. When it sits on the hair for a while it is easier to detangle...but not worth it for me.