On tuesday I will be going out of town for a week. I'm going to be driving so in theory I could bring my 32oz bottle of conditioner, CjCQ, CCCL and 32oz bottle of BSRHG along with my diffuser, blow dryer and microfiber towel. I'll only be washing and restyling my hair once. On all other mornings I'll be using a spray bottle with water and retouching as needed with HETT.

I'm worried about looking high maintenance.

This is high maintenance.

Ever since HETT took out all the extracts I can't use just one product. I have to use all of them for predictable results and I need to look nice next week. I have been wanting to find one product to replace the three that I've been using but now is not the time for that.

How can I take just some BSRHG so that it doesn't dry out before I want to use it? I only need a nickel of the CCCL 2 quarters of CG and a quarter of BSRHG.

I don't want to walk in to the hotel with one bag dedicated to hair products!!