Whenever I travel I use the little travel-sized bottles you can find at the drugstore or Target - they come empty for you to fill up with your own products and often they come in packs with a squirt bottle, a mini-shampoo style bottle, etc. Usually there's a bottle that's squeezy - that's the bottle I use for gel. They also sell little containers that look like they should hold lip gloss with screw tops - I use those for a little bit of styler. They open and shut like regular-sized containers, so I've never lost anything because it dried up on me.

If I put in more than I end up using during the trip, I just keep using that little bottle when I get back home until it's empty. They're the right size for air travel, and if they leak you don't have to worry about a ton of wasted product because they're so small!

Hair type: Fine, fairly porous, shoulder length when curly. Probably a 3a or 3b with tight ringlets now that it's getting longer. Hair loves aloe, hates glycerin.

Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Aloe and Waterlily (my HG conditioner!)
Rinse Out: Garnier Sleek and Shine, Trevor Sorbie curl conditioner (UK only, unfortunately)
Stylers: KCCC, AG Re:coil, TIGI mousse, but open to suggestions!
Gels: BRHG (my one and only)

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