Its really hard to say what a protein treatment will have on your hair. If its good for your hair, it will feel stronger, shinier, and have good curl definition. If the protein isn't for you, your hair will feel dry, straw-like, and will be a bit brittle.

I would suggest that you first try to just stick with getting moisture into your hair since it sounds like the frizz problem is happening because your hair is losing moisture. Oils wise, Jojoba oil is a great sealant to put on your ends, personally i'm a bigger fan of coconut oil because its fairly light, penetrates the hair shaft, and smells like the tropical vacation of my dreams.

You don't have to make a whole bunch of DT masks if you don't want to, just simply finding a cheap conditioner (like suave naturals) and adding a little olive/coconut/avocado/sweet almond oil and wrapping your hair in a plastic baggie or conditioning cap for a few hours will do ya.

Just note that the whole process of getting your hair healthy and where you want it to be is going to take time (as in it might be months before you really notice a significant difference). I can honestly say that my hair from when I started (like, 1.5-2yrs ago) is completely different to now.

Just keep in mind that simple is usually the better route. You should only need to DT once every 1-2 weeks, otherwise your hair is going to be overloaded. Protein treatments really depend on where your porosity and texture are. If you are really really itching to do a protein treatment, I would recommend light protein treatment. Just give your hair time to get with the new routine you have, and i'm sure it will turn out great