I don't know... I think your hair looks pretty nice in those photos! I mean, really, really nice. To me. Obviously it may have a weird feeling/texture to it that you don't like, but it has root curl and definition. It looks lovelier than a lot of frizzy messes I've seen (including on my own head, thank you hair brushes).

Your ends curl way better than mine. I got an awful (I mean truly awful) razor cut in January and my ends go all feathery and straight right now. Hopefully they won't after tomorrow's cut.

An update: that Garnier gel is definitely good for my hair. I tried something different today and it's nowhere nearly as nice. I almost got 2nd day curls this morning from applying the Garnier stuff yesterday, too - which never happens. So it's good for me, at least.

Your hair might love olive oil and hate coconut. Won't know until you try. But I'd stick with the basic oils from the grocery store and avoid "hair" versions at first, both to save money and avoid unecessary ingredients. Who knows, maybe 50/50 of each will work wonders for you, personally!
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Thank you, bosanbo! I actually had great hair 3 days in a row with a new routine I tried! Yay! I'm going to wash it today so I can try a few new products I picked up over the weekend.

I also want to try to deep condition today with the Coconut Oil. I'm not sure how much to use or what to mix it with so I am going to poke around here a bit for recommendations.

How was your haircut? Do you like it??????
2C and 3A. Fine to Medium texture/Low Porosity/Medium Elasticity/MediumDensity. Looking for my HG products!