I have been through about 3 different hair stylists and 1 hair colorist who have not given me what I wanted. I have made it clear to all of these hair stylists how I am looking to grow my hair very long. All of them fought me every step of the way and basically said my hair won't grow long and they always kept it short. Yet I have picture proof from when I was a teenager (I'm 19 now) it was super long. They also keep trying to cut my hair into layers when I want it all the same length. And I had a terrible color experience with the 1 hair colorist.

So how do people pick a good hair stylist/hair colorist? Is it word of mouth or what? It seems like I can never find a good one. They never do what I ask for, they always do what they think is best. And I'm the paying customer. Any suggestions?

Oh and here's what I'm looking for if this helps:

Long healthy natural looking blonde hair with a side fringe (all the same length except for the side fringe)