I'm not coarse or low porous, but here's my thoughts in mousse.

I had some success with it in my pre-CG days. Specifically with matrix Curl.life foam.

My thought process back then was that if I got as much moisture out of my hair as possible (literally wrung it out with a bath towel), I could scrunch the curl back in, and using a foam would be lighter and not weigh it down.

Towards the end I was realizing I got better hold with a glaze, while still being light.

I think now with my new found hair knowledge I realize that I NEED that wetness to form the curls, and I NEED the oils and a gel to hold in moisture, etc. I think my hair finds some mousses to be a little drying, and it just needs MORE. My hair is a sponge, and it takes SO much mousse to make a difference. (Especially since it's obviously mixed with air!)

So in MY mind it would seem like mouse would work BETTER for a coarse curlie, simply bc it's not going to suck up all the product.

But others with personal experience are going to have weigh in and help you more!
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Not everyone with fine hair is porous...
Mousse is just very light, so if you want your styler to manipulate your hair much, I think it would be harder to do with coarse hair. You'd have more success with conditioner only styling...IMO.

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