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After having been told that I'm CG
(stylist picks up various bottles and looks at ingredients)
"Um...so what all is considered 'silicone'"
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You're kidding, right? []__[]

I know this is an old post but I've got one. I worked across the way from a salon for about nine months. If I looked out the drive thru window I'd be able to see it (for awhile, while working drive thru, I watched the sushi place next to it being built). So I went over.to the salon one day and told them that I'm growing my hair out and am due for a trim, and that I'm not straightening anymore. She points out a stylist who is good with curly hair. I can't remember what I said next but she suggested to me that she could straighten my hair before.trimming it. I gave her a horrified look, and decided never to come back. On the upside, I live within walking distance of a salon, and the stylist at a beauty school worked wonders with my hair. I can't wait to go back to her.
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