My hair isn't very coarse anymore, sort of medium fine, but it is low porosity, and it does fine with layering - NOT with mixing products, though.

I use mousse occasionally when I'm wanting a little change because my hair's airier and fuller, though not particularly clumpy or defined. If I use anything else with it, it's mousse first topped with a little gel for hold, not the reverse. That just doesn't work.

I like Got2B Curly Kinks (I think that's what it's called - orange can at the drugstore). Also like JoiWhip, though it's a lot more expensive and no better, so I wouldn't buy again. I HATE Herbal Essences Totally Twisted - it just made my hair a sticky, stringy mess no matter how little or how much I used. I never tried it with anything else.

Today I happened to use Giovanni holding foam, I think it's called, on top of just a little CJCCC lite - in a plastic pump bottle, not an aerosol can. It's big and full, very curly - looks good and better height on top than usual, but it feels sticky, and I like to have never gotten it scrunched out. I need to try it alone and see how it works.

My hair used to be quite coarse and maybe a little more pourous, and back in those days I routinely used either mousse (one actually meant for permed hair or another for black hair - neither no longer around) or curl cream - never gel until I started hanging out here. I also routinely used regular hairspray then. Now I often use it, especially on second day and beyond, but only Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz - almost all natural organic ingredients and almost no alcohol in what I have, though I understand that may've recently changed . . . .
2C/3A/3B - modified CG - fairly fine now, normal/low porosity/normal elasticity

Current Main Rotation: MG217 medicated or Aim2Health 'poos for scalp, Elucence cond., Spiral Solutions Protein & Deeply Decadent Cond., CJCCCC reg or lite,CJ Pattern Pusha,, Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz + lots more, sporadically

HG Method: Super Soaker + Smasters-ing, brief upside down diffusing w/360o diffuser then clips/clamps & air dry. Newly gray - stopped my henna glosses!