My hair's the longest it's been in a while, a little past my shoulders. Finally long enough that I can put it in a big messy bun way up high on my head.

Long hair Pros:
  • Can tie it up in a fun messy bun, whereas when it's short you can't just get it away easy.
  • Easy to get out of the way to work out; if it's short I'll probably have to wear a baseball hat when running.
  • Almost long enough to do a low side bun/pony that I've been wanting to do, especially with a cute hat...don't have that option with short hair.
  • When I wear a hat, it's long enough that my hair is very visible under and is cute. But short hair can look cute with some hats, too. Hmmm.
  • People praise long hair. And I like that. But what's the point if I'm never wearing it down?!
Long hair cons:
  • I'm too lazy to wash it too frequently, so after a few days it's too frizzy to wear down, and my scalp starts to get itchy. Short hair I can wash almost every day, and it will be dry in an hour or so probably.
  • I feel trapped by my hair-washing schedule, particularly because it takes forever to dry, and looks terrible until it's completely dry.
  • Sometimes I don't want to workout because my hair is clean, but if it's short and I can wash it more often, then it won't be an issue.
  • I wear it up most of the time at work, and I don't like that. Short hair I can wear down all the time...but then I don't have the option of putting it up!

OK, so now that I've just babbled on, what do you think? I attached some cuts I like to give you an idea. I've been short before, but never QUITE this short!

I think it really comes down to the ease of being able to put it up in a bun vs. the hassle of having to wash it.
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